Na Pule Kahiko; Ancient Hawaiian Prayers by June Gutmanis

Na Pule Kahiko; Ancient Hawaiian Prayers by June Gutmanis

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Within these pages, the reader will discover a treasury of historic knowledge and a glimpse into the intricate society of ka po‘e kahiko, the people of old Hawai‘i.

Beginning with a discussion of pule – prayers – and the multitude of ancient akua – gods and goddesses, deities, and ‘aumakua– it also contains chants that were a part of daily living, showing how integrated these practices were into all facets of life. Following chapters discuss a broad range of life events and the associated prayers that were preserved and passed down within ohana, then collected and translated – a gift to future generations.

This book is a must for any Hawaiian reference collection. Topics discussed

• medicine, life, death, protection
• love, children, home
• farming, fishing, canoes
• hula, war, sports
• chiefs, people, land
• knowledge, wisdom

This second edition of Na Pule Kahiko is a collaborative effort by the ‘ohana of the late June Gutmanis. Resurrecting this long-out-of-print treasure breathes life back into her well-documented, scholarly work on the meaning and function of ancient Hawaiian prayer. Voluminous footnotes further enrich and amplify the text. The annotated bibliography sheds light on the source materials and the informants who shared the knowledge of their ancestors. It is reprinted exactly as first published in 1983, with the addition of notes and biographical information.