Voices of Hawai‘i: Life Stories from the Generation that Shaped the Aloha State by Jane Marshall Goodsill

Voices of Hawai‘i: Life Stories from the Generation that Shaped the Aloha State by Jane Marshall Goodsill

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For Jane Marshall Goodsill, Voices of Hawaii began as a labor of love. A kamaaina accomplished in the art of oral history, she began interviewing Island residents who had known her late father, a partner in a venerable Honolulu law firm.

But avocation soon became vocation. As Goodsill's joy in recording these life stories grew, so too did her pool of subjects: business executives, war veterans and POWs, retired plantation managers, Island entertainers, conservationists, taro farmers, educators, broadcasters, retailers, ranchers, activists, judges, journalists and so many others. Taken together, their oral histories told a fascinating, behind-the-scenes tale of Hawaii's journey from the World War II era into the 21st century.

The best of these candid interviews compelling tales of deals made and glass ceilings shattered, of ancient ways revived and legacy lands preserved are collected here under the themes of Island life: history, race, land use, art and music, philanthropy, development, and the spirit of aloha.

Contributors include: Frankie Anderson; Chris Benjamin; Corky Bryan; Carl Carlson; Jim Case; Phillip Ching; Gerry Ching; Lois Taylor Clarke; Zita Cup Choy; Linda Coble; Mary Cooke; Chris Cramer; Mitch D'Olier; Walter Dods; Peter Ehrman; John Fink; David Fairbanks; Dennis Fitzgerald; Mark Fukunaga; Gary Gill; Marshall Goodsill; Ruth Goodsill; Jimmy Greenwell; Alice Guild; Moses Haia; Neil Hannahs; Peggy Hannan; Stuart Ho; James Hustace; Daniel Lam; David Lee; Bob Liljestrand; Robin Loomis; Ronald Lum; Duncan MacNaughton; Peter McKenney; Luanna McKenney; Kenneth Makuakane; Fujio Matsuda; Randy Moore; Ronald Moon; Willson Moore; Mina Morita; John Morgan; Audrey Newman; Puakea Nogelmeier; Mike O'Malley; Raymond Okada; Valerie Ossipoff; Frank Padgett; Diane Paton; Kaui Philpotts; Martin Rabbett; John Reppun; Randy Roth; Dean Sakamoto; Jim Scott; Steve Siegfried; Riley Smith; Oz Stender; Sigrid Southworth; Kelvin Taketa; Ray Tam; Bill Tam; Laura Thompson; Curtis Tyler; Jeff Watanabe; Betty Webster; Carol Wilcox; Rianna Williams; Tom Williams
  • Publisher : Watermark Publishing (December 15, 2020)
  • Language : English
  • Unknown Binding : 236 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1948011492
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1948011495
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